We Support Cloudification for Enterprises

Achieve Digital Transformation with Google Cloud

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We Support Cloudification for Enterprises

Advantages of Integration With Google Cloud Services


Self-Managed IT Resources & Devices

No longer need to outsource IT services from third parties due to lack of IT staff.


Accessible Without VPN

Employees can work from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.


Save Server Maintenance Cost

This not only lowers the costs for the company, but you can also enjoy Google’s high level of security.


Expand Your Business Effectively

Employees can focus on important projects instead of repetitive, manual tasks.


Stop Paying for “Microsoft Office”

Are you still paying Microsoft for the use of office tools? You can actually save these costs!


Automatically Get the Latest Version

No installation or updates are required, and the security of your account is guaranteed.

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About Digital Transformation

We are now in the era of digital transformation. Even if a company converts all of its paper documents to digital files, our observation is that this does not mean that it has achieved digital transformation. However, as long as your company has taken a step forward, you are one step closer to digital transformation success.

Many people have deep and mysterious ideas about the so-called “Cloudification”. In fact, the realization of cloudification is not only possible through high and difficult technical knowledge or programming languages. There are now relatively intuitive and simple interfaces to help users. Deployment processes are increasingly used in various office processes. Therefore, regardless of size, businesses can leverage the cloud to improve management efficiency, reduce communication and collaboration costs, and enable the businesses themselves to become more productive and gain competitive advantage.

IT: Old Concept vs New Concept

  Old Concept New Concept
Environment Setup Requires initial planning and self-organization Direct purchase of setup
Cost High (cost of hardware, IT staff & maintenance fee) Low (subscription fee only)
Setup Time Complete within months Complete within a day
Requirement High Low

Google Workspace Customer Stories

Thousands of enterprise customers from various industries have chosen TS Cloud. The following customer experiences/stories will show you how these companies deal with challenges and strengthen their competitive advantages!

Google Workspace Customer StoriesGoogle Workspace Customer Stories
All in One Google Workspace Solution for Forward SchoolAll in One Google Workspace Solution for...Forward School, Penang, Malaysia.
Excellent Service by TS Cloud eases the Google Workspace Adoption.Excellent Service by TS Cloud eases the ...RD Fitness Performance Sdn. Bhd.

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