We are specialized in assisting SMEs
to migrate businesses to Cloud environment

The first step of migrating to Cloud : re-location

Moving office tools to Cloud

Upgrade you main office suite, e-mail , documentation tools and conference system to “G Suite” - an established cloud environment.

TS Cloud assists in the whole migration process from current system to Google G Suite, providing various kinds of support for data migration, education and training.

Moving office tools to Cloud

You get to save operational costs and reduce infrastructure overhead, there are no software license fees incurred as well. In addition to that, work can be carried out seamlessly without the limitation of time and venue. Team collaboration and communication becomes more convenient and thus boosting productivity.

The second step of migrating to Cloud : extension

Migrating the whole business to Cloud

Work faster and departments and business teams through expanded functionalities and integrate with compatible SaaS to increase the proportion of cloud businesses.

TS Cloud helps business departments and companies to develop applications for commercial use, dashboards for reporting & analysis, systematize sales processes and automate business workflows.

Migrating  the whole business to Cloud

Make use of cloud applications to standardize your daily work. Subscribe to any SaaS that suits the business and replace it whenever needed. Gather data from multiple sources easily and utilize data in various formats in the database.

The third step of migrating to Cloud : optimization

Work effortlessly with cloud technology

The advantage of Google is that it is open to integrate with other systems. TS Cloud provides development services on the integration layer using API to connect Google Cloud with other SaaS platforms on the cloud, automating business processes while reducing labor costs.

TS Cloud helps you to connect Google Cloud with various SaaS platforms through API and provides automated solutions.

Lessening your loud with cloud technology

You will get access to data that was not visible to you before, giving you more information to support the decision making process. Through API integration, the workflow of data input, copy and paste can be automated without human intervention.

About TS Cloud

TS Cloud is a Google Partner officially certified by Google with the mission to assist enterprises enhance their competitiveness in this modern era using Google Cloud. TS Cloud has successfully helped over 2,000 companies to implement G Suite in their system since its establishment in Taipei back in 2007. With its 12 years of rich experience in this field, TS Cloud is very familiar with the challenges and concerns faced by companies when migrating to cloud and definitely have the expertise to help remove any roadblocks along the migration process, thus greatly improving their productivity and competitiveness.

Thanks to our professional team’s technical knowledge, good management principles and process, and rich experience in successfully assisting companies to transform their business operations to the cloud, we have been awarded the professional certification of Google Cloud Partner "Work Transformation" by Google. TS Cloud has gone through rigorous technical and experience evaluation by Google Cloud to be selected as the most capable professional Google Partner to help enterprises transform their business operations. Currently there are only 7 Google Partners in the Asia-Pacific region that have been certified. As a professional Google partner of this "Work Transformation", TS Cloud will continue to help you solve problems related to this business transformation journey with our technical expertise and experience.

Google Cloud Premier PartnerGoogle Cloud
Premier Partner

Specialization in Work TransformationGoogle Cloud Partner

Grow with Google

Let us bring you to the future of cloud technology and grow together with us

We are not here just to help you solve problems with cloud technology, we care about how you can make use of cloud technology to expand your business, increase business opportunities and improve your company's competitiveness. We also provide "Grow with Google" - a series of free Google cloud learning opportunities, enabling all sectors and industries to upgrade relevant skill sets, expand business and create new business opportunities.

The program is divided into the first AI, the first digital marketing (Google Adwords), and a new operating model(G Suite). TS Cloud will host related events frequently to share more on how to apply Google Cloud at work with its clients.

Let us take you to grow together in this era of Cloud technology


We will assist you throughout the whole process, from understanding your product requirements to onboarding your business to the cloud.

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