“G Suite delivers a seamless file sharing experience and offers remarkable video conferencing capability”

Texture Maker Mr. Huang

Texture Maker Mr. Huang

Texture Maker chose G Suite because it has a good 30GB of storage space (G Suite Basic) and allows them to easily collaborate with vendors and clients overseas. During the interview, TS Cloud’s Customer Success Specialist demonstrated how to start a video conference and share the screen with other participants using Hangouts Meet. After witnessing the remarkable video conferencing capability it has, Texture Maker strongly believes that this could save them millions of dollars on meeting room hardware.

Client Profile

Client Texture Maker Enterprise Co., Ltd
About Texture Maker With over 110 team members, Texture Maker is a food ingredient R&D center and also a premix manufacturer established in 2003.
Industry Food & Beverage
Employees 35
Year of Implementation 2014


Before After
Other email service with only 2GB of storage space G Suite Basic has up to 30GB of storage space
Sharing images via email attachments. Unable to store collectively and hard to organize Easily upload, categorize and share image files with external contacts in Google Drive
Free video conferencing app with a time limit of 40 minutes Hangouts Meet has stable connection with screen sharing capability

If you’ve used Gmail before, you can get acquainted with G Suite quickly. Google Drive has a storage space of 30G, enabling you to check catalogs and exhibition photos.

Mr. Huang shares with our specialist the benefits after switching to G Suite

In the past, all employees of Texture Maker used other email services with only 2G storage space. For business and marketing departments, with the need to transmit the company’s catalogues, exhibition photos or educational videos, a storage space of only 2G is really insufficient. Therefore, they decided to use Gmail Basic with 30G storage. The reason why Texture Maker chose Gmail’s corporate mailbox, in addition to it storage space, is that Gmail is very easy to use. Most of the employees have experience in using Gmail’s personal version, and it’s also convenient to add new users at a later stage. Therefore, new employees no longer need to do a lot of settings, nor receiving training when they join the company; they can start using the mailboxes at once.

Photos and images that cannot be sorted by emails can be shared now via Google Drive.

Mr. Huang shares with our specialist the benefits of Google Drive

As a raw material manufacturer, Texture Maker needs to transmit a large number of images to customers overseas. In the past, when other email services were used, only image files could be transmitted as attachments. Not only were these files difficult to be found, but they could not be organized well. If there were differences in pounds or capacity of the raw materials shown on the images, one usually could not tell from the attachments. However, through Google Drive, you can upload the files to a Cloud file, and organize them in folders by different types and uses. Also, through sharing a common link, your colleagues will be able to open the organized files on their communication software. Instant sharing of files is thus more convenient.

Mr. Huang shares with our specialist the benefits of Google Drive

After uploading the files on Cloud Drive, synchronization can be done on all devices. It is extra convenient for shipping companies that need to cooperate with overseas personnel. Documents such as bills of lading, export orders no longer need to be sent back and forth by emails. They only need to open the shared folders on Cloud and send the folder link to vendors and clients that they cooperate with. If there’s any updates with the folders, they can view the latest bills by opening them, and they do not have to worry about missing emails because of time difference. In comparing to the traditional NAS, when only internal sharing of files was available, Google Drive is more suitable for the sharing of files with vendors and clients.

The use of Hangouts Meet and overseas video conferencing makes your connection more stable and screen-sharing possible.

Mr. Huang shares with our specialist the benefits of Hangouts Meet

It is often necessary for Texture Maker to hold video conferences with sites in Japan, Singapore, etc. Before, video conferencing was conducted through other communication applications. However, some of them have a 40-minute meeting time limit, while others have unstable connection and the quality of video conferences was affected. Through the introduction of a TS Cloud specialist, I found out that the G Suite which was already used has a powerful tool called Hangouts Meet. Not only is the bandwidth very stable and the connection is never interrupted, but it is easier to invite the participants to share their screen or files. It can save hundreds of thousands to millions spent on video conferencing equipment. In addition to the mailboxes and Cloud Drive, this is an added value of implementing G Suite.

TS Cloud’s comment

Mr. Huang from Texture Maker has always been a very nice client of our TS Cloud. After Mr. Huang managed his company’s G Suite system, his colleagues have rarely encountered problems when using it. Mr. Huang also said that since the operational interface of G Suite is very easy and straightforward, and since almost all of his colleagues have used Google services, getting acquainted with the system was an easy task for him as the supervisor and for his colleagues.

Mr. Huang also shared with us that it’s the best decision to implement G Suite as the mailbox system of his company. It enhances the corporate image of the mailboxes, and it provides a continuously stable system. We also check with them on the phone regularly and see whether they are using G Suite smoothly. We share with Mr. Huang a lot of tips used in the office and get to know more about their needs. We strive to increase the productivity of Texture Maker with our services and G Suite, helping them save more time and money.

Claire Chou, Customer Success Specialist

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