“Operating the G Suite back end is easy; even without IT personnel, I can complete account transfer operations on my own!”



Kura Sushi Taiwan originally shared the same server with its Japanese headquarter, and the company switched to G Suite due to its high stability and ease of backing up. Ms. Ji, who neither works in IT nor have an IT background, was able to successfully complete account transfer on her own with some assistance from TS Cloud. This is an example of non-IT personnel introducing G Suite to their company which others can refer to.

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About Kura sushi taiwan Kura Sushi Asia Co. Ltd. originated from Japan, and is part of the Kura Corporation, which itself is a long-standing sushi restaurant offering inexpensive fares in Osaka, Japan. It is one of the most popular conveyor belt sushi franchises among the Japanese public, and in Taiwan, where various conveyor sushi stores are found in abundance, Kura Sushi faithfully present its Japanese flavors in Taiwan using affordable prices and fresh ingredients that are directly imported from Japan.
Industry Tourism and food service industry
Employees 100-500
Year of Implementation 2017


Before After
The rented server had low stability, and was difficult to make backups on. G Suite has high stability, and easy to make backups.
Sharing the same server with headquarters meant when there is a problem, support and assistance had to come from headquarters. Can easily solve the problem on one’s own, or can seek assistance from a specialist.
Administrative and IT management required back-and-forth e-mails for confirmation. Sharing the same document allows instant confirmation and report back.

The high stability and ease of making backups convinced the headquarter in Japan to use G Suite.

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Ms. Ji, who is in charge of general affairs in the administrative department of Kura Sushi Taiwan says, “Originally the e-mail accounts of Kura Sushi Taiwan were all managed by headquarters in Japan, on the same rented mail server. When headquarters considered switching to G Suite due to its stability and ease for making backups, they also pushed us to evaluate whether we should also switch to G Suite. We eventually also followed suit and changed to G Suite, not only because using the same system will facilitate communication between both sides, but this also allows the Taiwanese branch to have its own domain and back end, which makes it more convenient when adding new accounts or managing them.” In addition, the 30G storage space offered by G Suite compared to other rented mail server is also greater capacity and cheaper in Ms. Ji’s view.

Through the assistance of TS Cloud, even non-IT personnel can easily complete the transfer operation

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After making the decision to use G Suite, Ms. Ji found our company through a web search, and our instant response to her inquiries made her feel that she could rely on us. Being someone not from the IT sector and having no IT background, she was at first concerned over whether she can carry out the transfer operation on her own. However, with the assistance of our specialists, she was able to easily complete the account transfer procedures on her own. Whether it was the setting prior to transferring e-mails from Outlook, or the setting for syncing import of user emails in one go into Gmail’s GSSMO, Ms. Ji was able to handle it even with little IT know-how.

Photo of Kura Sushi

After switching to G Suite, although there were issues of sent emails bouncing back, assistance from our specialists in the first instance allowed Ms. Ji to find out the possible reason for e-mails being bounced, and she was made aware of things to note when sending out e-mails in the future.
After resolving this issue, our specialist was also proactive in assisting her to set up SPF records in order to prevent future e-mails been viewed as spam mails by their recipients, which also eliminate the possibility of spammers exploiting the company domain to send out spam emails which would lead to mails being rejected.

Cloud drive and file sharing allows administrative communication and IT management to be even more convenient and instantaneous

The photograph shows the situation prior to using cloud drive
Previously HR had to mail the clock-in/out records to every employee every day

After Kura Sushi switched to G Suite, using spreadsheets became much easier and convenient through sharing the files on the cloud drive. Thus communication and collaboration also became much easier for administration and IT management. In the past, e-mails had to go back and forth with each regional supervisor to confirm the status of the branches, but now you can just share a single file and every regional supervisor can work directly online on the relevant documents and spreadsheets. This not only eliminates the time wasted waiting for e-mails or other e-mail related issues but also allows the report back and confirmation process to be carried out in real-time.

The photograph shows that after implementing cloud drive, employees can go into the respective folder to check their clock-in/out records
After using cloud drive, employees can just go into the respective folder and check their clock-in/out records

In terms of HR management operations, previously HR had to mail the clock-in/out records to all the employees on a daily basis, now they just need to upload the record file into a folder on Google Drive, share it with everyone, and the employees can check the file at any time, and don’t have to browse through their e-mails. Furthermore, after switching to G Suite, even though some employees are used to using other e-mail systems, G Suite is able to sync contacts and e-mail from other e-mail systems with Gmail, so it is not an issue for those who prefer alternative e-mail tools.

TS Cloud’s comment

Thanks to the recommendation of Kura Sushi Japan, their Taiwanese counterpart also chose to switch to G Suite, and it is good to see that they can now have their own independent domain and management back end, which will likely make it much easier for them to manage. Ms. Ji was very proactive right from the start when she contacted us and gathered a large amount of information to discuss with me. Whether it was the operational procedures, details at every step, or the time needed for setting up, she was meticulous about everything. Looking at her efforts, G Suite’s value and potential will certainly be used to its fullest and will be applied in a practical manner in Kura Sushi’s cloud office environment.
We are very happy to see that after Kura Sushi introduced G Suite into their company, their information sharing and internal operations have become even smoother, allowing for more convenient and instantaneous communication for branch administration. At the same time, with Kura Sushi Taiwan having their own domain and back end, they can more rapidly process settings and manage change in personnel, thus fully demonstrating G Suite’s value!

Rainnie Chiu, Customer Success Specialist

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