G Suite is the best choice for a growing SMB

G Suite is a productivity suite by Google that consists of many cloud-based applications. For most SMBs with no more than 300 employees, it is much easier to adopt one fully-comprehensive platform than assembling different solutions from different vendors and then spending a lot of time on figuring out how each different part works. Fortunately, Google has the perfect platform for SMBs and that is G Suite.
We strongly believe the best way for any SMB to effectively improve its work process is by leveraging Google's technology stack and equipping the staff with the appropriate skill to make full use of the tools at work. Once the new habit is established, a business can then consider adding some other tools or third-party solutions to the existing stack that is already running smoothly within the whole organization.
Why we encourage SMBs to embrace Google Cloud?

G Suite has all the features you need to get work done

  • Connect

    Reach your colleagues wherever they are.

    • GmailGmail
    • CalendarCalendar
    • Hangouts ChatHangouts
    • Hangouts MeetHangouts
  • Create

    Everything you need to bring your project to life.

    • DocsDocs
    • SheetsSheets
    • FormsForms
    • SlidesSlides
    • KeepKeep
    • Apps ScriptApps Script
    • SitesSites
  • Access

    Store files and find what you need instantly.

    • DriveDrive
    • Cloud SearchCloud
  • Control

    Manage users, devices, and data securely and easily.

    • AdminAdmin
    • VaultVault
    • MobileMobile

G Suite lowest price in Singapore

Pay by bank transfer in local currency to avoid exchange loss.


Professional office suite that contains all the essential features

30GB per user cloud storage*




Enhanced office suite with unlimited storage and

Unlimited cloud storage*



※ You can buy more storage for G Suite Basic users. For G Suite Business, if the total number of users is less than 5, each user gets 1TB of cloud storage.

Comprehensive G Suite services

In order to maker sure our customers have a seamless experience with G Suite, TS Cloud provides a variety of professional services around G Suite. From system migration, configuration, post-migration support, training to managed service, our G Suite services are designed to cover all your G Suite needs.

Company Email Sign up for Startups

This G Suite Value Pack for Startups has everything you need for your new business to save you time and hassle. We will get your domain registered and G Suite configured in 3 days.

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Mail Server Migration

Our expert will help you migrate your old email system to G Suite. Whether it's a mail server migration, data migration or change management for larger enterprise, TS Cloud will try our best to give you a seamless experience with the transition.

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G Suite Configuration

Our expert will complete all the configurations needed to get your G Suite environment ready in 3 days for a one-time fee of SGD180. Just log in and you're good to go.

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G Suite Enterprise Yearly Support

You will always have our back after your G Suite goes live. We offer technical support to our customers on basically any issues regarding to G Suite. We also share the latest news about G Suite firsthand with our customers so they can learn about new features and updates.

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G Suite Training

Our well-thought-out training courses for admins and general users are designed to help your staff learn G Suite in an effective way and save your IT/HR's time on planning and executing internal training.

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G Suite Admin Console Managed Service

If your company does not have the time or people to manage G Suite, let us help. You can trust our Google certified team for the job and save 90% of cost on IT workforce for your company.

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12 years of experience in G Suite implementation and support services

TS Cloud is an authorized Google Cloud Premier Partner. Our purpose is to help businesses improve workplace productivity through the implementation of Google's cloud technology. Since our establishment in 2007 in Taipei, Taiwan, TS Cloud has successfully moved more than 2,000 businesses to G Suite. With a profound understanding of the difficulties and concerns that any business could have when adopting G Suite, we offer professional services that cease all worries to any business that has an interest in 'Going Google'.

TS Cloud is an authorized Google Cloud Premier Partner.

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