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Google cloud

Company Email Sign up? Choose G Suite

G Suite is a cloud-based office suite that includes reliable company email (Gmail for business). It is the best alternative for costly Microsoft Office.

Cloud era has changed IT for startups drastically

Things like purchasing IT equipment for employees, company email sign up and making a website is not easy for startup companies back in the old days. However, thanks to the advance of cloud technology, tools that were once considered must-haves can be replaced by a more cost-effective cloud-based solution that takes only a few days to apply.

In the past Cloud Era
PC Must get one for each person BYOD
Office software License based, per seat. (Or using the pirate version.) Subscription based office suite in the cloud.
Website Expensive project by a web design agency that took months to launch. With DIY website builders such as Wix and Google Sites, anyone can make nice-looking websites easily.
Company email sign up Fixed-price contract VPS hosting Pay-as-you-go Cloud hostingo
File Storage On-premise File Server / NAS Cloud storage options like Dropbox and Google Drive.
G Suite

Perfectly fulfills the need for better communication, collaboration, content management and centralized administration.

Company email sign up takes only 3 days

From domain registration to company email sign up for G Suite, we take care of all the technical work and leave you with a fully configured digital workplace ready for your team.


Company email sign up pricing


List Price SGD424

  • 1 G Suite Basic License (List price SGD79)
  • -Company email sign up: Gmail
  • -Office software: Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms
  • -Calendar: Google Calendar
  • -File storage: Google Drive
  • -Website builder: Google Sites
  • 1-Year Domain included (worth SGD40/yr)
  • DNS configuration and management(worth SGD80/yr)
  • -Google Cloud DNS configuration
  • -Google Cloud DNS usage fee
  • -Google Cloud DNS management fee
  • G Suite initial setup service (worth SGD180/user)
  • -G Suite DNS verification & MX setup
  • -G Suite Admin Console setup
  • -G Suite user configuration
  • Google Sites custom URL setup(worth SGD30)
  • G Suite Enterprise Yearly Support(worth SGD15/yr/user)
  • -Dedicated support line in English / Mandarin
  • -Emergency alert message
  • -Shared contacts

Terms & Conditions

  • Company email sign up for Startups’s primary target is new startups established in less than 2 years.
  • We charge SGD79 for each additional user license per year.
  • We look forward to doing more business with you in the near future when your company becomes bigger and need to purchase more licenses for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose a domain name other than .com and

This value pack is bundled with a .com or a domain. If you wish to apply with other domain of your choice, please contact us directly for a quotation.。

If I had already purchased a domain, am I still eligible to buy the value pack?

We are sorry that this G Suite value pack is designed specially for startups who have not yet registered a domain. If you have already registered a domain, you will not be eligible to buy the value pack. However, you are welcome to contact our sales directly for licence purchasing and other services.

What is Google Sites?

You can use Google Sites to build a corporate portal site for your business as the homepage or a place for teams to collaborate. You can easily drag files from Google Drive and arrange how you want the page to display without having to write a single line of code.


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