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Google Workspace can be accessed by users anytime, anywhere and with any device. While Google continues to add new features to Google Workspace, there are still a few things that can’t be done in Google Workspace especially around access control and device management as Google insists that Google Workspace should be a convenient service that allows its users to access “anytime, anywhere and with any device”.

The convenient side of Google Workspace also bring concerns for many companies with higher requirements for security therefore stopping them from choosing Google Workspace. Luckily, there’s a solution for companies with such concerns and that is CloudCodes – an advanced Google Workspace access control and device management professional.

CloudCodes Features (1 of 2): Access Control

CloudCodes Features (1 of 2): Access Control

IP Restriction

Administrators can set rules to control which IP locations can access corporate data to ensure valuable information is available to trusted IP addresses

  • Administrators can choose to apply rules to specific individuals, groups, or the entire organizations.
  • Rules can be set in hierarchy, allowing flexible management.
  • Pre-defined IP locations whitelist where a user is allowed to access from.
  • No firewall or installations required
  • Easy policy settings

Introduction to advanced access control functions

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CloudCodes Features (2 of 2): Access Control

Single Sign On

Single Sign On (SSO)

CloudCodes SSO solution enables users in the enterprise to log in to all cloud applications with a single set of credentials, which not only improves operational efficiency but also ensures the security of corporate data. Users can also be logged in through different mobile devices. In addition to establishing various password policies such as length and strength, Multi-factor Authentication can also be used to ensure that only authorized users can access confidential information.

Advanced SSO functions

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Features and Pricing Comparison

  Basic Edition Advanced Edition
SGD15/ year / User SGD40/ year / User
Access Control
Google Workspace IP Restriction V V
Device Restriction V
Geo Location V
Time Restriction V
Browser Restriction V
SSO + Identity management
SSO with Unlimited Cloud Apps [SAML Based] V V
Password Policy V
Self Password Reset V
Agreement V
Announcements V

Apart from the above, CloudCodes offers customized SSO, access control to personal Gmail accounts, improved Shadow IT and other features that enhance Google Workspace. For more information, please contact our specialists.

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Google Cloud Partner Specialization in Work Transformation

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TS Cloud assists companies to implement Google Workspace but in the meantime it gives insight for TS Cloud to utilize the tools available in Google Workspace to increase the work efficiency of the users. Hence, TS Cloud starts to work on workflow automation, e.g. Automated Invoice (Google Sheets integration with ECPay E-invoice), Automated Contract (Google Docs integration with Gmail), Automated Notifications (Google Sheets integration with comunication software) etc to automate the manual processes.

In addition, TS Cloud has became the first Pipedrive Elite Partner in Taiwan to sell CRM and Pipeline Management software in the second half of 20202. Other than seling accounts, TS Cloud also exclusively provides value-added solution to integrate various platforms by using Google APIs in conjuction with Pipedrive and Google Workspace, e.g. Google Sheets, Gmail and other office tools. This guarantees more fluid information delivery and an integrated user experience.

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G Suite User Course

This course is designed for end users to quickly familiarize themselves with G Suite tools and features. With just 115 minutes, employees are able to learn the main function of Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets and other office tools. Even if you have never experienced the cloud application, this course covers your usage and improve the company’s productivity.

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1. Unlimited access and view time

Anyone who purchases G Suite Online Video Training Courses can enjoy “unlimited views and unlimited number of viewers for lifetime”. If you are not familiar with the operation of certain function in the future, you can replay and review by yourself.

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Not only the current employees can use the online audio-visual courses, but newcomers in the future can also watch the videos to learn and utilize the G Suite on their own which exempt the training session and save the IT/HR valuable time.

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Through online audio-visual courses, HR does not have to work hard to arrange group trainings, and employees do not need to travel north and south to attend classes. Employees of various departments can choose their own working time and arrange class time flexibly to equipt their skill.

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G Suite is now rebranded. Am I restricted to only purchase the new Google Workspace version for the renewal?

Google recently announced that G Suite will be rebranded with new image called as Google Workspace. In addition to adding more advanced features to collaboration and video meeting, it also makes more layers in positioning the editions and pricing.

G Suite vs Google Workspace

  Legacy G Suite
Legacy G Suite
Google Workspace
Business Standard
Price USD6/User/Month USD12/User/Month USD12/User/Month
Storage 30GB Unlimited 2TB
Google Vault Not Included Included Not Included
Cloud Search Not Included Included Included

More Details: G Suite vs Google Workspace comparison

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