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Email audit solution – OSecure Email DLP

G Suite does not provide email auditing function for email prechck due to its hard-core spirit of fostering free and instant communication and collaboration in every workplace. However, for compliance reasons, there’s an increasing need for an email auditing solution in order to secure internal data and personal information of the clients. The good news is, this gap can be easily filled by combining a third-party solution with G Suite.

OSecure Email DLP is a third-party solution of our choice recommended to any customers that are seeking an email auditing solution for compliance. OSecure Email DLP works perfectly with G Suite mailboxes to prevent undesirable security disasters from happening. You can set up security rules and policies for data breach prevention, perform email prechecks to block inappropriate emails from being mistakenly sent out by rookies and many poweful features to bring enterprise security to the next level with OSecure Email DLP and G Suite.

4 major benefits of having OSecure Email DLP for email auditing

Avoid personal data containing emails from being sent out by employees

OSecure Email DLP has the most complete personal data detection features to perform a thorough inspection on every email sent by the employees for contents that contain personal information.

Ensure security for outbound emails

Email communication between businesses often contains important information. OSecure Email DLP can safeguard data transmission with its email encryption function.

Block emails with confidential content

OSecure Email DLP can effectly block emails to untrusted destinations that contain suspicious content for the auditors to approve before being sent out.

Deter email spoofing and identity theft

OSecure Email DLP completely eliminates the risk of email spoofing and identify theft by its identification authentication to ensure secured email communication both internally and externally.

OSecure Email DLP has 3 types of
powerful shield


Manual inspection

All emails suspicious of containing confidential information will be sent to a “to be checked” inbox for supervisors to review and approve before sending out.

Email encryption

Encryption and identity authentication module is provided exclusively by OSecure in order to enhance the security of business data. There are 3 types of encryption which are: automatic encryption, encyprtion after review and user encryption.

Pre-defined policies

For companies that are short of IT personnels to do more advanced settings, it is easier to apply some of the automatic protection features that come with the system such as email blocking, deleting and encryption as a more efficient measure to ensure security and maintain system performance.



※ OSecure Email DLP is required to be purchased for every user of your domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limitation on the number of administrators?

No. You may appoint as many admins as you want according to your need.

How is the fee calculated for users that are added later?

The additional licenses purchased after the initial commitment are prorated. You’re billed monthly for a portion of your annual commitment for SGD2 per month. Rates are applied to each month or part thereof.

Can TS Cloud help with the configuration?

Yes. We will do the configuration for you with the help of the solution provider.

If any troubles and issues occur, how do you get support?

We provide support service after implementation via phone or email should to our customers should there be any troubles and issues.


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