Should I purchase from Google or a Google Workspace reseller (partner)?

3 differences between buying Google Workspace from
a reseller (partner) and Google

Differences between purchasing Google Workspace through Google or a reseller(partner): consultation, technical support and payment method.

Difference 1

The reseller(partner) provides consultation on implementation

The reseller provides pre-implementation consultation and gives advice on the implementation process; while the official purchase does not provide consultation. You will have to configure Google Workspace and make sure it works properly all by yourself. If you already have experience with the implementation of Google Workspace, and if you are familiar with the settings, you can buy it directly from the official organization. However, if you are purchasing Google Workspace for the first time, you will be advised to consult the reseller to assist with the process.

The reseller(partner) provides consultation on implementation
Difference 2

The reseller(partner) provides technical support

If you purchase Google Workspace through a reseller, when you encounter technical problems after the implementation, you can get technical support from the reseller (via phone and email ). Other value-added services such as Google Workspace training course is also available for you to purchase with Google Workspace. However, if you purchase through Google, there will be no after-sales support provided. You will have to find and read the official document provided online. Therefore, if you do not possess the knowledge and technical skills related to email system, it is recommended to purchase it from the resellers. If problems occur, you can get technical support from them immediately. On the other hand, there are not many differences in buying Google Workspace through Google and a reseller if you’ve got related technical skills.

The reseller(partner) provides technical support
Difference 3

Payment method and currency

The official payment method is credit card, and the reseller provides transfer, remittance, and payment in local currency. Therefore, users who do not want cross-border trading, or those who wish to pay in local currency with the internal financial operations of the company to reduce costs induced by exchange rate, are recommended to purchase Google Workspace from the reseller. However, if there is no such demand and you do not mind paying by credit card, you may also purchase it officially.

Payment method and currency

Differences between purchasing Google Workspace through Google or a reseller(partner) in Singapore

TS Cloud
US$72 SGD96
na 0%
Pre-purchase consultation
na Free consultation
After-sales support
Longer waiting time with Google customer service, and a PIN code is required. One-stop window assistance by a specialist. Issues can be resolved quickly.
Volume discount
na Negotiable
(Contact us for more info)
Accepted payment methods
Credit card Wire transfer or bank-in
Google Workspace implementation service
na Assistance with implementation
Training course
na Yes

I have already purchased Google Workspace through Google by credit card, what should I do if I want to switch to buy from a Google Workspace reseller(partner)?

If you purchase Google Workspace directly with Google now, you can switch this transaction and buy it from a reseller. Even if you have already purchased it from another reseller, you can still transfer it to TS Cloud and enjoy our services. The process only requires a “transfer token” to authorize us to transfer your Google Workspace billing. Please refer to the article “Transfer to a Partner” for more information.

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