The 3rd reason (of 5) for choosing Google Workspace

Save on MS Office License Cost

The reason why you don’t need to purchase Microsoft Office

Is your license of Microsoft Office expired? Do you refuse to buy or use another licensed or pirated software? In fact, due to the innovation of cloud technology, Microsoft Office document processing tools are no longer an indispensable tool for enterprises. More and more enterprises have already stopped purchasing these software.

Document processing tools from Microsoft Office are available on Google.

Not only does Google have well-known services – Google search and Gmail, but it also provides online document processing tools like Microsoft Office – “Google’s collaboration tools of Google Workspace.” You can perform the same functions as Microsoft Office document processing software, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. with the corresponding tools in Google.

Relations between Microsoft Office and Google’s collaboration tools

Microsoft Office Google Workspace
Microsoft Word Google Docs
Microsoft Excel Google Sheets
Microsoft PowerPoint Google Sliders
Microsoft Outlook Calendar Google Calendar
Microsoft SharePoint
(has to run on a dedicated server)
Google Drive

Are you forced to purchase Microsoft Office software because of the following issues?

Employees are used to working with Office tools.

Most companies are looking for tools for replacement even if they don’t want to spend money on Office software. However, considering their employees’ previous working habits and needs, they still see Office as an indispensable office tool. However, not only the Google collaboration tools of Google Workspace requires no additional cost for installation and updates, but it also has the same interface and operation as Office. It can also solve problems that Office encountered in the past, such as files that could not be opened or edited by more than one person at the same time. It has greatly facilitated the communication among employees and saved a great deal of time.

Customers and manufacturers are using Office documents.

In the past, many companies use Office documents with the consideration of their cooperation with customers or vendors, and for this purpose, they’ve decided to purchase Microsoft Office. It is however essential to note that Google’s collaboration tools enable you to view and edit another person’s files online and real-time. Even if there is no Office software installed in the employees’ computers, you can still process the Office documents that other companies have sent to you, and transfer them into the Office document format. Even if the company does not have Office software installed in their computers, business will just run as normal.

6 reasons why companies no longer buy Microsoft Office software.

In the past, enterprises purchased Microsoft Office for the needs of document processing. Microsoft Office includes Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to be used by company employees in general. However, Microsoft Office has the following problems, and more companies are using the more convenient “Google’s collaboration Tools of Google Workspace”.

  1. Microsoft Office is a paid software that requires installation. Some people might choose to take the risk of using a pirated version.
  2. When the official support of Microsoft Office expires, users will be required to buy the upgrade.
  3. Microsoft Office will not be compatible with the needs of multiple users, who need to edit the document at the same time.
  4. Microsoft Office software cannot be used on mobile phones or tablets, hence not convenient for people going on business trips.
  5. It is very time consuming to share attachments in an email as uploading and downloading them takes time.
  6. Google Workspace collaboration tools can very well solve these issues, and they even enable users to edit Microsoft Office files directly online.

What are the differences between Google Workspace and Microsoft Office?

Compared to Microsoft Office’s document processing tools which need to be installed on a PC, Google’s collaboration tools of Google Workspace only requires a browser or its mobile app on a mobile device to function. Users can use these tools online, it also enables several users to edit one document at the same time. They can share or open files through a link, which has greatly facilitated the communication and cooperation among employees.

In addition, even if customers or vendors use Microsoft Office files, they can now view and edit them directly with Google’s collaboration tools of Google Workspace. They don’t have to worry about not being able to process files of other companies, and can switch to use Google’s collaboration tools to process those Microsoft Office files.

Differences between Microsoft Office and Google Workspace

Microsoft Office Google Workspace
Collaboration Unable to let multiple users to view and edit at the same time Multiple users can view and edit at the same time
Sharing of files Attachments and files of emails need to be uploaded and downloaded Click the sharing link on the document to open it quickly
Version Problems with the update Automatic update online, no issues with the version getting expired
Processing of the document Only available on PCs Available on mobile devices
Management of files Unable to set usage rights Setting of usage rights available

Google’s collaboration tools for business are all included in Google Workspace

If companies would like to use Google’s collaboration tools of Google Workspace as a tool for document processing, they can enjoy a complete set of full-featured office processing software, as long as they become Google Workspace corporate users. The difference between corporate users of Google Workspace and individual users in the function of collaboration tools is that Google Workspace users can manage the ownership of files. Even if employees leave or switch departments, it’s still easy for the files to have a new owner, so that the business can continue to operate as usual.

Related features of Google’s collaboration tools

Personal users Google Workspace Corporate users
Management of files Unable to change the owner of files Able to change the owner of files and transfer them to a successor
Sharing of files Email address of co-user required Users in the default domain can view and share files more quickly
Information of activity Non-applicable Able to check the viewing history of the files, and see whether the users have read them

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