If the company already has a mail server, can more than two mail servers be used?

Yes. However, because each host does not necessarily provide forwarding functions, if you have the need, you can refer to the existing Existing Email System+G Suite or contact our specialists for more information.

In the process of switching the mail server, will email messages be lost? Will the mails sent by the customer disappear?

During the migration process, an email may be sent to G Suite or the old host. Therefore, we recommend using software recipients such as Outlook. When the migration is completed, please save the mails on the old host before making POP3 or IMAP changes.

Can I transfer the mails from the existing mail server to G Suite? how to proceed?

Depending on the mail server your company is using, different environments will have different migration best practices. You can refer to this article for instructions on how to migrate your mail to G Suite.

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