Is domain name necessary for corporate mailbox?

Yes. You may include your company name in the domain name. It has to be registered, verified, and added to the Google Workspace console before use. Please contact our specialist if you need help in registering a domain.

We have multiple domains, can they be used simultaneously?

Yes, multiple domains is supported where you can set the primary domain (the domain used to during registration), the secondary domain (the other domains that you have) and domain alias (ie domain name, used as an alias for other domains).
Managing multiple domains:
How to setup multiple domains:

Does Gmail support email blasting? What is the limit?

It is not recommended to do email blasting on Gmail. Instead, we would advise using Groups or distribution list in G Suite for mass mailing.
Business Edition has not restriction to group based mailing. The limit per day is 200 emails per accout. All editions are restricted to 500 users per email.
Please visit the following for more details

We do not need anything more than email. Can we buy just email function?

G Suite comes as a suite of cloud based tools and it cannot be broken up and sold individually. The suite comes with all other functions such as cloud drive, office productivity, calendar and video conference capabilities which are all designed to enhanced your productivity.

Are we allowed to use different editions in the same domain?

The quick answer is no. However, if you have more than 350 users on Business Edition, other users can be on Basic Edition.

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