A new integrated experience in Gmail to increase team collaboration in cloud environment.

Google announced a new integration workspace experience that brings Gmail, Google Chat, Google Meet and Chat Room at one place. This update is to ease the G Suite users to easily grasp multiple application channel from one place which eventually save the users time. This new update is expected to be launched in the coming weeks for the G Suite users. G Suite users can refer to the new Gmail integrated interface to learn more about its updated content and usage.

The new Gmail’s integrated interface is designed to allow users to directly send and receive email through Gmail, send instant messages to one another, use chat rooms to send messages to the teams, host video / audio conferencing and search the documents and emails online, etc. without the need to switch interface. With this, G Suite users are more focused with quick grasp of multiple G Suite Applications accessibility.

This new G Suite update are meant to increase concentration and user convenience in collaboration of cloud environtment. To know more, do reach out to TS Cloud, Google Premier Partner.

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