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Is there a difference in function or service between purchasing Google Workspace from Google and purchasing Google Workspace from a reseller?

There are two ways to purchase Google Workspace. You may choose to purchase directly from Google or through Google reseller. All the functions is the same no matter from who you subscribe the Google Workspace from. However, if you choose to purchase Google Workspace from a reseller, you can enjoy various benefits provided by a local reseller apat from getting the official technical support from Google out of office hours. For the pricing, purchases from Google’s official website will be the global listing price; while purchases from reseller, the price will be varied based on the reseller. Yet, no matter which reseller you are buying with, they sacrifice their own gross profit to provide customers with more satisfactory price, especially for transfer or renewal customers as they do not have more flexibility for discounts. Thus, they will offer more attractive pricing to attract more new customers.

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