Frequently Asked Questions - Google Workspace

Q: G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprise come with unlimited storage. Does Google Workspace’s editions have unlimited storage?

A: Currently, Google Workspace no longer provides edition with unlimited storage.

    The storage of the editions is listed below:
  • Business Standard – 2TB
  • Business Plus – 5TB
  • Enterprise Essentials – 1TB
  • Enterprise Standard-5TB
  • Enterprise Plus-5TB

Please note that the storage of the previous edition is bound to each user account, and the storage cannot be shared; but for Google Workspace, other editions are adjusted to “storage on same Admin Console is shared by all user accounts”, except for the Business Starter.

For example, there are 5 Business Standard’s accounts in the Admin Console:
Business Standard 2TB * 5 user accounts = 10TB of Total Storage in Admin Console
Even if a single account uses 3TB of storage can continue to be used, as long as the combined storage of all accounts does not exceed 10TB. It is more flexible compared with the previous storage calculation method.

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