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Global fight against COVID-19Remote work tools:
G Suite Essentials is now available to all companies / orgs globally for free.

Remote work essentials provided at no cost

G Suite Essentials consists of essential Google apps, such as Google Meet, for remote working. These essential apps require no installation and can be accessed from any device. There are no compatibility issues with your existing technology stack. All companies with a domain name are eligible to apply.

Google MeetGoogle Meet

Secure video meetings for your business.

It doesn’t require any fancy equipment nor does it require any software to be installed. Anyone can join a meeting outside the office. No worrying about whether teammates, clients, or customers have the right accounts or plug-ins, just set up a meeting and share a link. With a fast, lightweight interface and smart participant management, multi-person video calls are a breeze.

Keep your team connected with enterprise-grade video conferencing built on Google’s robust and secure global infrastructure.

Secure video meetings for your business

Word processing toolsWord processing tools

No license required, always up-to-date Google office tools.

Create and edit text documents right in your browser—no dedicated software required. Completely compatible with Microsoft Office. Multiple people can work at the same time to shorten the output process.

No license required, always up-to-date Google office tools.


Store, access, and share your files in one secure place.

Store any and every file. Access files anytime, anywhere from your desktop and mobile devices. Control how files are shared.

Store and access files in one secure space

TS Cloud can help!
Deployment support free of charge.

TS Cloud is an authorized Google Cloud Premier Partner. Our purpose is to help businesses improve workplace productivity through the implementation of Google's cloud technology. Since our establishment in 2007 in Taipei, Taiwan, TS Cloud has successfully moved more than 2,000 businesses to G Suite.

As Google announced free access to the advanced Google Meet video-conferencing capabilities globally to support all business or non-business organizations at this tough time, TS Cloud wishes to make a contribution by offering free deployment service and training.

Google Cloud Premier PartnerGoogle Cloud
Premier Partner

Google Cloud Partner SpecializationGoogle Cloud Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?
Is there a deadline to this special offering?
What happens after September 30, 2020?
How much drive space do I get?
Is there an SLA?
Do you offer support?

Registration process

STEP 01Apply online

Please fill in the application form correctly and completely, otherwise we will be unable to contact you. If you haven’t had a domain name ready, please prepare one before applying.

STEP 02Submit application documents

We will send you the required documents, please provide your information as the documents and send them back to us.

STEP 03Wait for Google’s approval

We will submit the documents to Google on behalf of you. Once approved, Google will create licenses according to the number of users you applied.

STEP 04TS Cloud complete all configurations

All configuration will be done by us. We will provide you with the login information once ready.

STEP 05TS Cloud offers training materials

Training materials for G Suite Essentials covering online meetings, business messaging and cloud storage are accessible via Google Classroom for self-paced learning. It supports Chinese, English and Japanese.

STEP 06Get started with G Suite Essentials

Application guide

If you would like to apply, please fill in the application form. Inquiries via telephone are not accepted.
We will process the applications by order in case of large volume.
For urgent use, please contact Google instead.
We will not send notifications to applicants who are ineligible for the campaign.

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