Online Google Workspace Training for Admin & User

We have two sets of training course, one for the admin roles and the other for the general users in the company. Both courses are 100% self-paced online learning that allow your employees to learn Google Workspace at any time.

Google Workspace training course at a glance

Watch the short introduction video of our onling training course to see the contents and how the course contents are delivered.

Google Workspace Online Training Course Preview

3 benefits of Google Workspace training for your company

No physical training to be conducted

Online video training can be utilised over and over again, saving your IT/HR time training new staff.

Learn Google Workspace – Anytime, anywhere!

HR no longer needs to schedule training. The staff no longer needs to travel to distant places for training. Saving everybody’s time and effort.

Speed up Google Workspace learning path

The course content is designed to help your employees learn fast. By following our online classroom, employees can master Google Workspace in less than 2 hours.

Google Workspace Online Classroom Training

For admins

After finishing this 90 minutes online course, you will learn many administrative operations critical to managing Google Workspace for your company from the Google Workspace Admin Console, for example how to examine email logs and configure permission settings, etc. It’s suitable for anybody, even those with no IT background.

Course Content

A total of 11 chapters, 17 lessons, a total duration of 90 minutes.

  • Chapter 1 : Users
  • Chapter 2 : Organizational Unites
  • Chapter 3 : Groups
  • Chapter 4 : Admin Roles
  • Chapter 5 : Gmail Settings
  • Chapter 6 : Google Drive
  • Chapter 7 : Google Calendar
  • Chapter 8 : Reports
  • Chapter 9 : Account Settings
  • Chapter 10 : Data Migration
  • Chapter 11 : Google Vault
  • Chapter 11 : Google Support
For general users

This course allows your users to familiarize themselves with Google Workspace, covering Gmail, calendar, Google Docs, Sheets and other common tools in Google Workspace. In addition, this online training course is also good for training new employees when they get on board, saving your IT and HR time and resources.

Course Content

A total of 6 chapters, 12 lessons, a total duration of 115 minutes.

  • Chapter 1 : Basics of Gmail
  • Chapter 2 : Google Drive & Google Editors
  • Chapter 3 : Google Calendar
  • Chapter 4 : Google Chat
  • Chapter 5 : Google Meet
  • Chapter 6 : Google Sites
  • Chapter 7 : Cloud Search


Online Classroom Training Courses

SGD132 per course

Both the Admin and User Training are priced at SGD132 each (original price at SGD180). Since this is an online course, it can be accessed anywhere. Upon purchase, existing and future employees gained unlimited access to the material.

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